tristes anthropiques – Céline Burnand & Nina Wiesnagrotzki


tristes anthropiques is an exhibition with Céline Burnand and Nina Wiesnagrotzki at Le Cabanon, the artspace at University. I chose the ecology topic through both films that the artists presented. I developed a thinking through the pattern that linked both films: one around the mountain pattern, the other through the snake pattern. In a world where, the ecology story telling is sytematically analyzed through the apocalyptic and catastrophic cliffhanger, Donna Haraway suggests to invoke science fiction to become emancipated from the common story/ending. It’s a way to arrange a way out, to give a breath/break to negativity and try to find new ways even if unrealistic. For me, the pattern (directly borrowed from Aby Warburg’s thinking) is a way to create this kind of new narratives. Instead of building a whole story that they then illustrate through moving images, both artists decided to follow the metaphor (Marcus, concept of multi-sited ethnography) allowing the subject to carry themselves along stories that they couldn’t expect. Through observation and widening the senses, they constructed stories around patterns that relate to our relationships to nature. Nina Wiesnagrotski deconstructed the way we see mountains through language and how the mountains can be so many different mountains, while Céline Burnand created a collage of images that links to the snake pattern. The immovable and high mountain is deconstructed through language while the crawling snake is constructed through a visual essay.

Both films are viewable:

Nina Wiesnagrotzki – Sansui Landscape

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Céline Burnand – But the world is perishable and so is its bliss (below)



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tristes anthropiques (exhibition text in french)