On December 21st 2012, we couldn’t spend an hour without     hearing about it, all the television news     relayed the information,     headlines announced the end. Society trembled with the idea of an Apocalypse.     The next day, while the cowards recovered slowly,     the most brave, disappointed, came out of their bunker     and the others had already forgotten everything.      Since this announcement     of the end of the world,

I asked myself why occidental society perpetually needs to create fatal dates     to imagine a new community fabricated by the survivors who escaped this tabula rasa.     By analogies, I thought of all these fears     that are part of our modern society.

We live in an world where the sky     falls on our head, our pockets have holes, the water     is polluted, animals die,     and the war approaches.

All the images that I use originate from press sources,     after researching various events of the day, I collect images from diverse blogs and newspapers online.     Then I decide to order them and through this process,     emerge certain scenes, bordering on dramatic.

As we are fascinated by a fire, I am fascinated by the world falling into ruins. Bertold Brecht, in War Primer (1955), described press photographs as hieroglyphs.

According to him, the images are signs that are practically indecipherable to the untrained eye. In keeping with the idea that an image can be that enigmatic,

I construct my disturbing diptychs.     Through a black and white filter and printing on black paper, the image abstracts itself to only give a few clues about its content.

It then becomes an hybrid form, between news chimaera and mysterious evidence.     They are only some sooty remains of a disturbing era.     Press photographs have neither present nor future.

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