Hordes & Nuées

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Hordes & Nuées is an exhibition project curated by Danaé Panchaud and myself. We invited 56 photographers that are somehow connected to the Vevey photography school. We have chosen an organic and deeply collective approach of this issue, and have conceived the exhibition as a wide sequence of images investigating the relationships of humans to animality, notably under the prism of ethology. Human beings and animals are here envisaged as echoes of each other. No hierarchy, no biological classification, distinguishes them. Some of their common behaviors – savageness, preys and predators, packs, domesticity and taming, parade and rituals, among others – resonate and succeed each other in the exhibition. In this visual narrative, images bounce and echo each other, ricochet off, divulge, but elude any pre-conceived and set meaning.
/text by Danaé Panchaud



exhibitions views

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