hieroglyphs_la nef des fous with Stéphanie Rosianu

Hieroglyphs_la nef des fous
is an exhibition by Myriam Ziehli with an text intervention by Stéphanie Rosianu
presented at the offspace Standard/Deluxe in Lausanne, in november 2016
Hieroglyphs_la nef des fous is a collection of diverse images coming from my direct
environment. There are some press pictures, art history pictures or ones that I did myself.
This work was firstly constituted around the environment topic through a book called Wetiko
Manifesto. The landscape topic always present in art history is now inevitably linked to
environment and ecological issues. Based on this idea, I decided to deconstruct the word
« ecology » which from ancient greek means (oikos, logos) « home studies » that freely
interpreted as environment studies. Combined to this idea, I was struck by the brechtian
concept of images as « hieroglyphs ». The hieroglyph is !rstly an image (so recognized quite
rapidly) but becomes a sign (containing another range of signifcations) when read. The
assembling of photographs has the same process; in one sense the image is recognized
quickly but put together they acquire new signi!cations. To think about the hieroglyph
notion, I invited Stéphanie Rosianu to make a textual intervention to create a dialog between
text and image. At the same time, I was very intrigued and interested in Plato story « Ship of
fools » (« la nef des fous » in french) which is a good allegory nowadays.
The scenography was realized by the architect Lawrence Breitling.
you can read Le silence des sirènes by Stéphanie Rosianu following this link: Le silence des sirènes

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