de la Skholè au Chill, colloque sur le temps libre



In october 2013, a group of friends organized a series of talks around the term « chill » which is also used in french. The different talks where interrogating through different perspectives the meaning of this slang word. With Julien Gremaud and Simon Rimaz we curated a show that was the set around the talks.
Talks by: Pierre Raboud, Aurélien Ballif, Pamina de Coulon, Antoine Tille, Colin Pahlisch, Stéphanie Monay, Constant Bonard, Benjamin Neeser, Matthieu Delaloye, Antoine Gilliard


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here are some pictures of the exhibition and the talks.

Pose_Colloque2013_0229_02 Pose_Colloque2013_0286_02 Pose_Colloque2013_0243_02


Pose_Colloque2013_0223_02Pose_Colloque2013_0028_02 IMG_5120_02