Thésée, les plantes et les gens. Pour une théorie (tactique?) du ver de terre

presents a fiction mixed to a theoretical research around the politics of representing nature through pictures. A discussion between I, You, NDLR and internet around the process of collecting images and its assemblage.
144 pages
It is self published and printed on demand for 30 CHF.
you can order it here:



Wetiko Manifesto

is a book around the my personal environnment that I documented for three years. It takes place in a context where I was wondering how my occidental gaze was constructed when I looked at nature, plants, animals, trees and insects. I decided to dig into art history and anthropology (as there were also part of my daily life as I was at University).
19×28,5 cm
202 pages
with a text by Pauline Clerc, medieval art historian
It is self published and printed on demand for 40 CHF.
you can order it here:


Here is a text I wrote about the documentary screenshot2014-01-09at11-22-34amLéviathan by Lucien Castaing Taylor and Verena Paravel leviathan_entre-preuve-et-temoignage_myriam-ziehli
in 2016, I presented a text about image appropriation 060d_Octopus_Vulgarisand worked on the very notion of appropriation itself, trying to expand the notion to other words following artists works. CHeck it here: -> COPY/PASTE text.


From 2014 to 2016, Anne Golaz and I tumblr_nd4gx78v8m1tbosbyo2_r1_1280founded a book platform called Aaluägä. You can have a look at our tumblr here. It was a great experience to gather books that we liked and that we found around us (friends and friends of friends).
In 2013, I did a small essay around collection as a way to map the world. 105740_4 Unfortunately it is only in french, but you can find it here.
La Montagne Dorée (2012) is sold out, proposition_decor_arriereplan    you can see the pdf. Enjoy !